We offer an array of services that are geared towards helping individuals and their families address their underlying substance use disorders as well as work towards achieving wholesome health and wellbeing. At Irshad rehabilitation center we make use of best practices in the field of addiction treatment and recovery-oriented systems of care. We go an extra mile to ensure that our clientele re-integrate back and become productive members of society thus ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and competencies to lead a fulfilling vocational life. We have our team of competent and accredited service providers who ensure that the program is tailored to meet clients’ needs.


Telling the families about the importance of the disease.
At Irshaad Rehabilitation Centre you learn awareness about the problem and solutions. Your role during and after the treatment process is very important. This helps a lot With the help of proper counseling your patient gets normal. You help the patient control their habits making your and patient’s lives easier. At Irshaad Rehabilitation Centre proper counseling is the best solution to get rid of all mental and psychological diseases.

Addiction Recovery Services

Irshaad Rehabilitation Centre is a private treatment facility for those that might be suffering from the effects of addiction or alcoholism. Irshaad Rehabilitation is committed to providing practical, ethical, and effective treatment initiatives to persons with addiction problems. We believe that by encouraging individuals to explore their previously damaging patterns of behavior, within a healing and safe therapeutic environment, they are empowered to make positive and creative life choices. Thus they are enabled to lead productive and responsible lives free from active addiction.

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